Alex Douglas

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Alex Douglas is the dirty-minded alter ego and pseudonym of a Tokyo-based Irish gaming geek and writer whose life ambition to date has been to pen an epic fantasy fiction trilogy, but who somehow can’t stop the characters from leaping into bed together.


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Stories by Alex Douglas

  • Heat, Steam, and the Vital Machine Cover for Heat, Steam, and the Vital Machineby Alex Douglas

    James spends his days guarding the Machine at the heart of the complex, the device that supports all life in the underground complex. He spends his nights mostly alone in his cramped sleeping cubicle. When he catches one of the mysterious saboteurs who repeatedly attack the Machine, he succumbs to the man’s intimate offer, and forsakes duty for human touch.

Anthologies including works by Alex Douglas

  • Of Passion and Steam Cover for Of Passion and Steam
    Edited by James L. Wolf, Kel Draves, Rylan Hunter and Lon Sarver

    Herein you will discover, presented for your amusement and edification, a varried and unique assortment of tales to awaken the senses and tantalize the imagination. In your very hands, or perhaps within your pocket analytical engine, you hold eleven tales of desire and adventure, the contents of which include but are not limited to desire outside matrimonial bounds, the miracles of modern medicine, theatrical pursuits both on and off the stage, and forbidden love across lines of class and propriety!

    Within the pages of this volume are heroes and villians, lovers both requited and not, all seeking their satisfaction amid the smoke and mysteries and miraculous autonomina of the age of Passion and Steam!