A.A. Garrison


A.A. Garrison is a twenty-nine-year-old man living in the mountains of North Carolina. His short fiction has appeared in dozens of zines, anthologies, and web journals, as well as the Pseudopod webcast. He is the author of a post-apocalyptic horror novel, The End of Jack Cruz.

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Stories by A.A. Garrison

  • Comforting Mrs. Madigan Cover for Comforting Mrs Madiganby A.A. Garrison

    Randy’s buddy Charlie wasn’t coming back from the war. As Charlie had lay dying, he asked Randy to check on his mom as soon as Randy got home. Now Randy’s back from the gulf, and has to make good on his promise. Billy, Charlie’s mom, needed something; but what could Randy give her, when he had so many burdens of his own? Perhaps the answer was not in what he could give her, but in what they could give each other. (M/F)

  • Tomb Brides Cover for Tomb Bridesby Konrad Hartmann

    Attempting to raise a dead warrior, Alrekr, from his barrow mound, three companions quickly outrun their luck. Folkvardr must travel into Ironwood to rescue his lover Unnr and her slave, Huld, from Alrekr the undead corpse, even if he must face Angrboda, the ettin of Ironwood herself. (M/F, F/F)

  • Woman in the Window Cover for Woman in the WindowWoman in the Window by A.A. Garrison

    The woman was a quick, whimsical movement from the corner of his eye, and he was helpless not to look. And look. Stan, a failed writer who’d lucked out on an editing job, soon finds his home life turned into something from Amsterdam’s Red Light district: his luscious neighbor has begun performing obscene and tantalizing acts, visible through her bedroom window. Stan has a front-row seat. Unfortunately, like most things too good to be true, it is. (M/F)