Author Interview with E. E. Grey

  • How long have you been writing?

I’ve been writing going on 11 years, which may sound like a long time, but it really has flown by. In that time, I’ve done a lot of different things, but the one constant has been writing.

  • When did you decide to become a writer?

I don’t know that anyone actually decides to become a writer. I realized somewhere around the second or third year of writing that this was something I really enjoyed and felt like it was something I could be good at. I kind of fell into writing in the first place, discovering fanfiction and thinking that, surely, I could do this. Over 300 fanfics later and here I am. I suppose there was a conscious decision to start writing mostly original fiction a few years ago, so 2011 is the real answer.

The series wasn’t actually supposed to be a series. In fact, Vaulted was originally a much shorter story that eventually evolved into a full-on novel. Tumbled followed as a natural progression, with a few characters from Vaulted making appearances. The series revolves around several gymnasts—mainly Dorian and Auden, both aspiring Olympians in their respective stories. Where Dorian is driven in his Olympic pursuits, almost to the point of blindness in other aspects of his life, Auden tips the other end of the scale, unsure about what he wants in life. In both Vaulted and Tumbled, each has to figure out what they truly want, and it’s not always a gold medal.

  • Olympic Passions features gymnastics heavily; how much research did you have to do while writing?

Growing up, my cousins were competitive gymnasts and it’s always been my favorite Summer Olympics event. I even used to watch regular televised competitions, back when they still aired them. Most of the research I did involved watching YouTube videos of certain jumps in order to attempt to describe them properly, along with looking up specific terminology. Most of the gymnastic things I know are about women’s gymnastics, which differs from men’s in some ways, especially when it comes to events. Men’s gymnastics doesn’t do balance beam routines or uneven bars; instead, they have rings, pommel horse, and parallel bars.

  • What was the hardest thing about writing Tumbled?

Tumbled was a long process; almost four years passed between writing and publication. The most difficult part was probably figuring out Auden. Main characters are always the hardest and take the most work in my opinion. They have to be likeable, but not boring. Auden was difficult at times because he doesn’t always know what he wants. Sometimes, as the author, I didn’t know what he wanted either!

Vaulted_CvrSMALLI have tossed around the idea of maybe a Winter Olympics’ story—that would leave me two years to get that done, haha—maybe ice skating (my second favorite Olympics event). There’s also the allure of diving—hot guys in tiny speedos, what’s not to like? I don’t have anything planned at the moment, but you never know when inspiration will strike. Perhaps this summer as I watch the Olympics.

Most of my published work is available through Forbidden Fiction. Tumbled comes out this week, so be sure to pop on over to and pick up a copy.


E. E. Grey has been writing for over ten years and has completed several novel-length works and over three hundred short stories. When not writing, Grey enjoys traveling, having visited over twenty countries, with several still on the list for the future. Grey’s other favorite pastime is baking sugar-filled desserts for friends.

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