Wicked Fairy Tales

An Anthology of Bedtime Stories for Adults!

Story Cover for Wicked Fairy TalesFull Cover for Wicked Fairy TalesAuthor(s): Annabeth Leong, Claryssa Berg, Elizabeth A. Schechter, Kailin Morgan, Matthew Nadelhaft, Mina Kelly, Nobilis Reed, R.W. Whitefield
Editor(s): Lon Sarver, D.M. Atkins, Rylan Hunter

Just what kind of happy goes into “happily ever after?” As children, it was enough that Pinocchio got to be a real boy and that Red wasn’t eaten by the wolf. As adults, we have a slightly different perspective. Being a real boy means having boy parts, and being eaten by someone big and bad doesn’t mean quite the same thing it once did.

Ever wonder what mermaids do with the swimmers they seduce? Or why a dragon might prefer a castle-guarded princess to a nice, easy field of sheep? What if your fairy godmother wasn’t circumspect in what wishes could be granted, or if that dainty little fairy had a much bigger appetite than one might guess?

Production Editor(s):
 Erika L Firanc
Cover Designer(s): D.M. Atkins, Siol na Tine
Cover Art Credit(s): Photos by Rainbowchaser at Dreamstime.com & KrisCole at Pixmac. (See Story Links for inside art.)
Publication Date: (Day-Month-Year) 26-07-2012
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Stories included:

  • To Market Cover for To Marketby Elizabeth A. Schechter

    Do not seek the Goblin Market. Do not barter with those you find there. And above all, do not taste of the goblin’s seed… To save his childhood sweetheart, Conn dares the dangers of the Goblin Market only to fall under the spell of the goblin himself. Will love save everything or destroy all their lives? (M/M)

  • A Little Night Swimming Cover for A Little Night Swimmingby Mina Kelly

    Becky knows better than to be trapped by the tide at night, but it's funny how a bottle of cheap vodka can overcome an entire upbringing by the sea. She grew up with all the myths, too, but when her cute rescuer invites her into deep waters for a swim it's not so much the mer as the maid that makes Becky hesitate. (F/F)

  • Geppetto Falls Off the Wagon Cover for Geppetto Falls Off the Wagonby Matthew Nadelhaft

    The great woodcutter Geppetto, envious of his creation Pinocchio’s wild sex life, builds himself a female companion while on an alcohol-fueled bender. She comes to life hot and willing and Geppetto gets the ultimate sexual experience. (M/F)

  • Demon in the Well Cover for Demon in the Wellby Claryssa Berg

    Clara inherits her old aunts’ house and with it the responsibility to feed “the demon” in the well. Clara doesn’t believe in demons, or witches, or magic of any kind—until she drops her pearl necklace into the well and, to her astonishment, a voice from the deep says that she can have them back if he can eat by her table and sleep in her bed. (F/M)

  • Do Virgins Taste Better? Story Cover for Do Virgins Taste Better?by R.W. Whitefield

    When the dragon kidnaps a princess, he find himself wondering if a cow would have been a better idea after all. Who knew a princess was so demanding, or so kinky? (F/M)

  • Forever After Cover for Forever Afterby Kailin Morgan

    Dan is trying to live an ordinary life, well as ordinary as you can in the Kingdom. He has a good job working in the Library of Stories, even if his boss is a little flat—he is a magic mirror, after all. Then one day, Dan slips up and utters two little words—five tiny little letters—that are about to spin his story around and fill it with colour and laughter—and a Fairy Godmother. Who is a man. A man who sparkles. (M/M)

  • Red and the Wolf Cover for Red and the Wolfby Kailin Morgan

    Aidan is content. He’s got a good job, nice house and is comfortable in the small town—far away from anyone who knows his secrets. Yet, he feels the prickle of something stalking him. It doesn’t help when a stranger starts insinuating his way into Aidan’s life. Newcomer Seth is attractive in a way that stirs something in Aidan he had thought long buried. Can he keep his secret and continue in his solitary life or will events conspire against him to drag the truth into the light and change everything? (M/M)

  • The Three Wives of Bluebeard Cover for The Three Wives of Bluebeardby Annabeth Leong

    The cruel captain Bluebeard marries Mollena moments after her father’s burial, only to brutalize her and abandon her in his isolated mansion. Her only consolations are dream visits from two beautiful, seductive women and her explorations through her husband’s mysterious house. But Bluebeard forbade Mollena from the door locked with the small, gold key—and that’s the one place her dream lovers want her to go. (F/F, M/F)

  • Little Henna Hair Story Cover for Little Henna Hairby R.W. Whitefield

    “A werewolf sees a sexy redhead dancing in his nightclub, and he follows her into an alley. He doesn’t expect her to take on the big, bad wolf, but Little Henna Hair is more than able—she’s willing.”(F/M)

  • Elf Esteem Story Cover for Elf Esteem by Nobilis Reed

    When you’re the only lesbian bondage slut in town, finding a partner isn’t easy, especially when you’ve just broken up. But sometimes all it takes is a little magic to get back into the game. (F/F)

  • Milk Cover for Milkby Claryssa Berg

    In the mirror lives a secret the Wicked Queen cherishes above all else. Snow White is an apple begging to be devoured. In order to save the one, the Queen must rule the other, body and soul. (F/F & F/M)

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