Touched by Death

Erotic Encounters with Death

Story Cover for Touched by DeathFull Cover for Touched by DeathAuthor(s): Ann Gimpel, Annabeth Leong, Claryssa Berg, E.E. Grey, Jane Potter, Kailin Morgan, Konrad Hartmann, Luna Lawrence, Peter Tupper, Ruth Black, Theda Black
Editor(s): Lon Sarver, D.M. Atkins, Rylan Hunter
Tales of the Loved and Lost

Unattainable love has always been one of the favorite themes of romance. Who could be more unattainable than the dead? Here are ten erotic tales of love and loss, terror and hope, and of course desires that cannot or perhaps should not be fulfilled. Here is the “little death” alongside the big Death. Here are people dying—and killing—for love.

Touched by Death is a erotic horror collection of stories filled with the living and the dying, the dead and the ones who come back. Within you’ll find attempts at reviving lost love, new views on courting death, and evidence that obsessive vampire stalkers are not always romantic—though zombies sometimes are.

Production Editor(s):
 Erika L Firanc
Cover Designer(s): D.M. Atkins
Cover Art Credit(s): GNBDesigns at Pixmac. (See Story Links for inside art.)
Publication Date: (Day-Month-Year) 06-07-2012
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Stories included:

  • Cold Love Story Cover for Cold Loveby Ruth Black

    Caroline would do anything to have her dead ex-lover back, even dance naked in a graveyard the Scottish Highlands. She gets a lot more than she bargained for. (M/F)

  • Stone Cold Heart Cover for Stone Cold Heartby Kailin Morgan

    Jason’s got it all–good looks, nice car, his own company, staff that double as friends. When his friends persuade him to take a night out with them to enjoy himself, he never plans on risking it all to follow a stranger out into the night.

  • Less Than A Day Cover for Less Than a Dayby Annabeth Leong

    Tod is a harbinger of imminent death. He doesn’t use his powers for good—instead he offers women a last fuck before they die. Jaded, Tod is surprised when one woman gets to him like no other. The last sex of her life is the best sex of his. (M/F)

  • The Charge of the Soul Story Cover for The Charge of the Soulby Peter Tupper

    Charlotte, the lone survivor of an undead apocalypse, finds a zombie that’s different from all the others. Is it courage or loneliness that makes her believe there is more there? (F/F/M)

  • Atropa Belladonna Cover for Atropa Belladonnaby Jane Potter

    When something tall, fanged and handsome crawls out of the darkness to confess his love and devotion, she finds it hard to resist. But when sexual ecstasy turns to nightmarish possession, it becomes apparent that it’s equally hard to run away. (F/M)

  • Deep Water Grave Cover for Deep Water Graveby Claryssa Berg

    Diana is fascinated by the stories about dead sailors who are said to enter the bodies of huge, black cormorants and visit the living in that guise. One night she is visited by one of the dead men–who has come borrow her warmth. (F/M)

  • Glad Rags Cover for Glad Ragsby Konrad Hartmann

    The dark fantasy drives Sheldon–the perfectly unresponsive partner. If satisfaction is the death of desire, only death will satisfy his desire. (M/F)

  • Brush with Death Cover for Brush with Deathby E.E. Grey

    Dead people don’t make good boyfriends. At least, that’s what Grant tries to remind himself. A painter, Grant moved into his apartment to be alone and to work on his art, only to discover the resident ghost, Joey. It’s not all bad. Joey is a pretty good listener, a good model – and he’s hot. (M/M)

  • Raven and Crow Cover for Raven and Crowby Luna Lawrence

    When Angelina Grimke meets Edgar Allan Poe at a séance, he mocks her attempts to contact her dead fiancé, but hints that he knows a “scientific” way to raise the dead. Tormented by her grief for her lost love, she seeks out Poe who proposes to use “electro-magnetism” to bring her lover back. Can passion raise the dead? (M/F)

  • Witch’s Price witchsprice_cvrpdfredoby Ann Gimpel

    Alone in the aftermath of a deadly avalanche in the Italian Alps, a soldier must choose between a cold death or the assistance—and lust—of a spectral apparition. (F/M)

  • The Band Plays On Story Cover for The Band Plays Onby Theda Black

    They’d met two months ago in Los Angeles—Slater was at the Toxicity Club, busy drowning in a toilet at two in the morning after a ninety minute set and too much liquor and blow. Jonah had fished him out. Jonah wasn’t into guys, but Slater was the exception to everything. (M/M)

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