About Greasy Boy

Cover for Greasy Boyby P.L. Ripley

The idea for Greasy Boy came to me at a time when I was often traveling the road for the job I had at the time. I stopped into a small gas station on the outskirts of nowhere. it was a full service station and the attendant on duty was one of the most handsome young men I had ever seen, Immediately my mind went into fantasy mode.

I had recently discovered the fun in the rougher side of sex and let Simon explore this as well but in a typically risky setting, making what he did a very courageous act.

There is an element of fear in most of my stories and this one is no different. The fear of being caught in the act ads to the excitement as well as Simon experiencing rougher sex for the first time can be very terrifying, especially since he is with a virtual stranger. A stranger that could easily posses the power to overthrow Simon and do what he wished with him.

Anthologies which include this story:

Cover for Breaking and Entering

Cover for Bring the Love


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