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Story Cover for Bare Blue Steelby Jacqueline Brocker

I have a confession: Bare Blue Steel was actually meant for another press (in my defense ForbiddenFiction didn’t exist at the time!) A call came out for erotic m/m stories based around the eroticism of guns and gunplay, and so I thought I’d give it a try – it sounded sufficiently dark and dangerous for my tastes. I suspect the approach I took wasn’t what the press was after (they rejected it in the end). So, I sat on it a for a little while, and when Forbidden Fiction appeared on the scene, I thought that it might fit the bill. And voila, here we are.

There are some fairly obvious directions you can take when you choose to write a gunplay story, and they weren’t ones I was entirely comfortable with heading in. What interested me was how guns can seem kind of sexy. Guns feature prominently in the collective imagination – even if we’ve never held one or seen one used in real life, we see them all the time on film and TV. That got me thinking about the difference between fiction and reality, and what happens if we get too caught up in the world of fiction only to be interrupted by reality. So, I have the view-point character Jimmy, the film buff with a particular interest in the more violent films of the 20th century, dating Tom, the suave suit wearing wheeler-dealer whose exact job remains a mystery to Jimmy. When Jimmy discovers that Tom owns a gun (and Bare Blue Steel is set in the UK, where gun ownership is far less common than in the US) he begins to question exactly who Tom is and what it says about him. It makes the sex just after the discovery most… interesting. What if instead of using a gun itself you thought about your relationship to the man wielding it? What if you became the gun? How would that make you feel in the middle of fucking?

How then do you try and balance this with a romance? I don’t really think of Bare Blue Steel as that much of a romance, mostly because it goes down some dark paths. A dark romance? At any rate, my plan was that it would start off as something very sweet and then take a more twisted turn. I also wanted to look at the idea of someone with a darker side wanting to protect the person they are with from that, and question if that is truly possible.

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