ForbiddenFiction Mission Statement & Values

“Judge us not by the character of our content, but for the content of our characters.”
Lon Sarver, February 2015

Fantastic Fiction Publishing – Mission Statement:

Fantastic Fiction Publishing is an independent publisher. We believe in quality literature from feminist, queer-friendly, and highly diverse authorial and narrative perspectives. Fantastic Fiction Publishing (FFP) is an umbrella group that will support several imprints, starting with for intelligent, progressive erotica. Future imprints will include OtherWorldsFiction, for speculative fiction, Empassioned, a romance line, and CoreTextBooks, a non-fiction line. We serve readers who want accessible fiction for the digital age; so we publish our works in ebook form (without DRM), print, online serialization, and plan to publish in audio format.

ForbiddenFiction – Imprint Focus Mission Statement:

At, we produce high-quality erotica from sex-positive, feminist, queer-friendly, diverse perspectives. We strive to provide readers with explicit content within engaging, well-crafted fiction–a combination often absent in the erotica publishing industry. We seek to be interactive, both technology-wise and in our storytelling. ForbiddenFiction believes in critical thinking regarding material others might wish to censor. We are dedicated to providing a friendly, accepting work environment for our staff.

Our Values:


  • We try our best to be honest in content and communication.
  • We seek to communicate progress, including goals and limitations.


  • We only make promises we are confident we can keep, and we keep every commitment we can.
  • Flexibility in our process allows us to respond smoothly to unexpected obstacles.
  • Quality takes time. We take the time necessary to produce consistently excellent books, and promote them with care and enthusiasm.

Sex Positivity

  • We acknowledge the value of pleasure in many forms for its own sake.
  • Consent is complicated: we know exploring consent is valuable, and deserves critical thinking.
  • We do not endorse shame. Sexuality is a beautiful and valuable part of the human experience, in all its myriad forms. We publish writing about sex because we believe sex is a worthy topic. “Slut-shaming” and “kink-shaming” are not acceptable, nor is any form of body-shaming.
  • Fiction and reality are two different things. We acknowledge that people will often fantasize or read about topics they wouldn’t want to experience in their real lives.
  • We do not condone, in any form, non-consensual violence in the real world. The works we publish are not intended to endorse the violence they may depict. Rather, we endeavor to show why such violence is harmful, even while exploring the themes that make it attractive in fantasy. To that end, we engage critically with themes of non-consent and violence, rather than avoiding them.

Social Responsibility

  • Our differences make us strong. We accept and endorse diversity, including—but not limited to—gender, ethnicity, gender identity, race, body type, appearance, neuro-diversity, ability, sexual orientation, nationality, religion or personal beliefs, etc.
  • People of all genders have a right to bring a subjective viewpoint to the table.
  • We believe feminism does not end with gender. We oppose ALL forms of oppression, including but not limited to sexism, homophobia, transphobia, racism, ableism, looksism, and religious bigotry. As with all social justice goals, no one area of oppression can be examined and deconstructed without addressing all forms. This is the fundamental nature of intersectionality, and the goal of all anti-oppression work.
  • There is no justification for treating another human being as anything less than human.
  • Our fiction is intended to encompass a wide range of identities. We make a concerted effort to encourage authors to create strong, diverse characters.