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Giving and Receiving

Cover for A Fance Man Holidayby Julian Keys

This latest and longest addition to my Fancy Man series is an opus called simply: A Fancy Man Holiday. And, yes, its one of those seasonal tales. I do love writing up such stories, in part because they feel like a gift I’m giving to readers.

With my leatherman character, Mason, however, it seems particular apt that this most revealing tale should take place during the holidays. The Fancy Man, after all, is known for bestowing his talents on others like some BDSM angel. In addition, his stories alway involve a kind of “unwrapping” as he peels away the the mystery of the person needing his unique services. He opens them up, and then, like a kid on Christmas morning, delights in them. Uses them. Values them.

Of course, Mason, himself, has remained tightly wrapped and mysterious as a secret Santa, even to readers. But as holiday gift-giving is reciprocal, this time around, Mason is going to be “unwrapped.” I hope the surprises readers find under the ribbons and paper will amaze and delight them as much as writing them did me.

So, dear readers, you will find in this short novel not only the continuing tale of Mason, Charles and all the patrons of the Cockpit bar, but also reveals, laughter, romance, and, I hope, some very satisfying erotica, Along the way, apropos of the genre, gifts will be exchanged. Every character will give and receive in a variety of ways, and if I’ve done my job, you will feel as if you, too, are part of the gatherings and parties. As if you, too, are in Mason’s leather world, a member of his family and tribe.

And just to add, Leather Wishes, the long awaited anthology of all Fancy Man stories to date, including this one, will be coming out next week. So if you can wait till December 1st, Advent Day (a very important day, you’ll learn, to Mason), you can have all the stories in one beautiful volume.

For that matter, both Leather Wishes and A Fancy Man Holiday are great holiday gifts… for very special friends, that is.

To close, and in the spirit of the season, I leave you with this thought, one that Mason has learned so well over these five stories: Sometimes the best gift we can give anyone is to receive what they’re willing to give us. Accept it, open it, use it, delight in it. Especially if it’s from the heart.

Very happy holidays to one and all. And enjoy the read.
Julian Keys

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