5 Reviews for Behind Locked Doors

by Nicholas Kinsley

Story Cover for Behind Locked DoorsMy first novel, Behind Locked Doors, is finally out, the author chat went well on Thursday, and there are some great reviews up already. I’ve really enjoyed seeing what people have to say about the book after what felt like ages for February to arrive. Those who’ve commented on some of the issues they had with the story have provided great feedback for me to take into consideration as well, and I appreciate all of it. So much thanks to everyone involved with the production of the book too, especially Natalya for the cover art. Everybody keeps (rightfully) commenting on it! Brilliant job.


Boy Meets Boy Reviews

“Edward is a bit of a masochist, has been since he was a boy in school manufacturing ways to get disciplined. Isaac is a professional dominant and a chance meeting three years ago brought them together, but they do not have a sexual relationship initially. I actually found their relationship quite refreshing. The lack of sex coupled with the repression made for a very romantic love story.” – Optimist King’s Wench

Prism Book Alliance

“Behind Locked Doors is a wonderful historical BDSM romance. The writing captivated me, playing with my heart and emotions, and it delivered an exceptional story.” – Josie Goodreads

Sinfully…Addicted to All Male Romance

“…Behind Locked Doors turned out to be a complete and utter gem, from a new author I’m really excited about. I have a feeling Nicholas Kinsley will become a firm favourite!” – Monique Lehane

On Top Down Under Book Reviews

“The relationship with Edward was sexy, the domination nothing brutal but exactly what Edward needed – caning, spanking, being tied up, orgasm delay, oral play, and more, as the relationship developed. In terms of a sexy read, mission accomplished – including the kink of silk stockings on Isaac… and Edward’s reaction to them, always a winner for me.” – Kazza K

Reading is fun n’mental

“I really liked the way the author handled the Master/sub relationship between Edward and Isaac. During a scene, Isaac had no trouble slipping into his dominant authority and Edward was only too eager to comply. The author’s characterizations and descriptions brilliantly pulled the reader in giving you a feel of actually seeing their surroundings.” – KathyMac


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