Holiday Gifts from FFP – For 12 Days!


A season of giving, enjoy a gift from Fantastic Fiction Publishing for 12 days this month!
Join us December 9-20 for a free ebook each day.

The following stories are available on their given dates (12:01 AM to 11:59 PM PST) for a free ebook download from our FFP store.  On the day of the giveaway: 1) click on the cover image to get to the story page, 2) then follow “Get It Now” button link to the sales page, 3) add ebook to your cart, and 4) then enter the code at check-out to get it free.

Free 12/9 – Code: f9rnkf8
Free 12/10 – Code: rl9046
Free 12/11 – Code: 9e3jd0
Free 12/12 – Code: 5rtyh
Free 12/13 – Code: 7tdx9
Free 12/14 – Code: nuy7r
Free 12/15 – Code: fe5td5
Free 12/16 – Code: jeh9e
Free 12/17 – Code: v3h7f
Free 12/18 – Code: nwq78
Free 12/19 – Code: 46ujs
Free 12/20 – Code: 4rs3c


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