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A Fancy Man Holiday

Cover for A Fance Man Holidayby Julian Keys

In this latest Fancy Man story Mason (aka the Fancy Man) is faced with one of the biggest challenges of his life as leatherman and Master: introducing his slave and lover, Charles, to his mother. But this isn't all that Santa is giving him for Christmas. In between holiday gatherings, he must deal not only with family traditions and demands, but with helping his lonely, taciturn friend Owen from turning into a bitter hermit, saving the rejected slave boy Hadji from despair, keeping his sister and her boyfriend together, and trying to infuse the holiday spirit into the depressed patrons of the Cockpit bar. Topping this all off, he also has an important decision to make: on Christmas Day he will either let Charles in on a terrible family secret or not. If he does, things might radically change between them. The days are counting down and Mason can't afford any mistakes or failures. But keeping control of all this may be too much… even for the Fancy Man. (M/M)

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Stage Dreams

Cover for Stage Dreamsby E.E. Grey

An aspiring Broadway writer, Jamie spends most of his time working as a bartender and bothering his roommate, Drew, to actually write down songs for the musical they've been working on for two years. When Jamie meets Roman, a Broadway dancer, his dreams come to a sudden potential realization when Roman gives his book to a well-known director. Jamie's feelings for Drew, however, may get in the way of his own happiness, especially when it comes to Roman and the prospect of Jamie's dreams finally coming true.

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Don’t… 4 Title Reveal & Series Reviews

by Jack L. Pyke

Titles are tricky little souls, and always become a joint venture with a publishing company: sometimes the author hits the mark, sometimes the publishing company, so you get that shared responsibility. With Don't... 4, I was getting a little too close to the script, so it was good to be able to step away and let FFP get a feel for the novel. The double-meaning they came up with hit the mark perfectly... Read more →

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