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Love is for the Living

Cover for Love is for the Livingby Nicholas Kinsley

The zombies have arrived, and Blaine needs to escape. He'd always thought of his London neighborhood as a place of safety, but then his infected neighbors tried to eat him. Blaine packed a bag and fled through growing numbers of shambling, voracious monsters--people, he had to remind himself, they're people--toward his family in Bristol. He would surely have died without the turn of luck that brought him Commander Andrew Peterson. Together, they face the horrors and adversities of the apocalypse, trying to protect their loved ones, and—if they’re lucky—find love for themselves. (M/M)

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Slow Surrender

Cover for Slow Surrenderby Olivia Stone

Lucas Walker is a barista by day and a drag queen by night, working toward making a name for himself in Los Angeles. Everything seems to be falling into place, except in the romance department. The guys he's met so far don't seem to understand that just because Lucas does drag, that doesn't mean he's submissive. Lucas is looking for someone he can push and challenge, someone who truly wants to submit. When Connor walks into the drag bar one night, Lucas thinks he may have finally found what he’s looking for.

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all-day New Release – Love is for the Li...
New Release – Love is for the Li...
Oct 13 all-day
New Release - Love is for the Living by Nicholas Kinsley
by Nicholas Kinsley – Photography student Blaine Edwards thought he...
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Patience is a Virgin
Oct 14 @ 12:01 am – 12:02 am
Patience is a Virgin
by Mikey Jackson – At twenty-five years of age and...
12:01 am Don’t… Updates
Don’t… Updates
Oct 15 @ 12:01 am
Don't... Updates
by Jack L. Pyke – “Don’t… open me.” Three simple...
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Exodus Updates
Oct 16 @ 12:01 am – 12:02 am
Exodus Updates
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Witch’s Price Updates
Oct 17 @ 12:01 am – 12:02 am
Witch's Price Updates
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Author and Staff Blogs

Don’t… 4 Title Reveal & Series Reviews

by Jack L. Pyke

Titles are tricky little souls, and always become a joint venture with a publishing company: sometimes the author hits the mark, sometimes the publishing company, so you get that shared responsibility. With Don't... 4, I was getting a little too close to the script, so it was good to be able to step away and let FFP get a feel for the novel. The double-meaning they came up with hit the mark perfectly... Read more →

It’s My 10 Year Anniversary

by E.E. Grey

This summer marks 10 years. That’s right, 10 years of writing. It seems like a long time and yet not long at all. Some of the years have gone by really fast and some have dragged by. I have pieces from bad times in my life and great times, and the weirdest thing is that if anyone took the time to go through my archives, you’d be able to see it all laid out in a timeline.

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Exchange Of Heart

Cover for Exchange of Heartby Julian Keys

Now this is one of my oddest stories. It came about when a fan of mine asked me to write another Romeo and Juliet tale, this time with full-on, "warring houses." I had no objection to the idea, but most of the cultural/religious differences that would create such a forbidden romance were of no interest to me. What else was there?

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