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Dragon’s Surrender

Cover for Dragon's Surrenderby Ariel Dalziel

Waiting for her plane, Natasha becomes fascinated with an intricate tattoo, and the woman wearing it. Victoria, the tattooed woman, happens to be on the same plane, and the two share a flirtatious flight. Things get hot after the plane lands; and Nat finds herself a play party with the hottest femme dom she's ever met. Where the night will end, Nat can’t guess, but the truth is stranger than she could ever imagine.

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Designated Driver

Cover for Designated Driverby Julian Keys

In the days before the inebriated had apps to summon a ride, there were designated drivers. Eric is one such, a shy and gay chauffeur who rarely gets propositioned by men unless they’re drunk. He has learned the hard way, however, not to accept such invitations.

And yet, one morning, Eric finds himself in bed beside a very naked man, a man who was anything but sober the night before. It’s Arthur, a handsome customer and friend; Eric has long been hopelessly in love with Arthur. Problem is, Eric doesn’t think Arthur is at all interested in him or that he’s going to be happy with him… if, that is, Arthur can remember what happened between them the night before.

Yet even as Eric tries to sneak away, Arthur wakes, demanding answers. Now Eric must navigate his way through the story, managing every twist and turn. If he doesn’t, it could mean the end of their friendship and of his one chance at true love.

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12:01 pm FREE – The Charming
FREE – The Charming
Jul 24 @ 12:01 pm
FREE – The Charming
The Charming by J.A. Jaken The shadow of a past love had blinded Clayton MacAllister until his life was slipping through his fingers. Just as Clay was ready to give up on the idea that he might ever be happy, a charming stranger stepped into his life. Mal was rich, handsome and persuasive; everything Clay thought he couldn’t have and didn’t deserve. Mal’s sadistic desires made Clay uncomfortable, but it seemed like a price he could pay—until he learned the price might be his very soul in chains. (M/M)
12:01 am FREE – From Temptation
FREE – From Temptation
Jul 25 @ 12:01 am
FREE – From Temptation
by Lynn Kelling Kyle Roth is no longer safe–not from his lover, not from his friends and, especially, not from himself. Questioning the choices that led him to a life of submission to the potentially dangerous Dominant, Ben Knox, Kyle sees no other way out than through old vices. Just when Kyle assumes all hope is lost he is saved by the persistence of an old enemy, Gabriel Hunter. Worse yet, a secret past withheld from Darrek–Kyle’s friend and Gabriel’s partner–threatens to destroy them all! (M/M)
12:01 pm FREE – The Brig
FREE – The Brig
Jul 26 @ 12:01 pm
FREE – The Brig
The Brig by Mason Powell This classic gay BDSM novel, set near the end of the Viet Nam war, has been out of print for almost 20 years. The Brig is a brutally dark erotic drama of a young sailor confined to a military prison where he tortured with pain, fear, sexuality, and mind games to force changes in his psyche and break his spirit. The sailor learns things about himself and his captors that will transform him and challenge those who hold him. (M/M)
12:01 am FREE – Fighting Hard
FREE – Fighting Hard
Jul 27 @ 12:01 am
FREE – Fighting Hard
by B.B. Anderson Freddie de Ford is a successful magazine editor, but something is still missing from his life until he meets Melanie Matthews. She is intelligent and sweet but also, shockingly, a fighter groupie – a woman turned on by men who fight other men. Freddie is drawn into Melanie’s increasingly perverse and violent world of illegal fighters and women who want them. Freddie will risk everything to satisfy them. (M/F+)
12:01 pm FREE – Whatever the Cost
FREE – Whatever the Cost
Jul 28 @ 12:01 pm
FREE – Whatever the Cost
by Lynn Kelling Liam and Jacen are roommates–and elite prostitutes working for a secret organization, The Company. They spend their lives making fantasies come true for spoiled, dangerous clients. In the midst of daily risk of emotional and physical damage, their friendship has been an island of sanity and safety. When The Company orders them to do a job together requiring them to cross the no-sex boundary that has kept them friends, Liam and Jacen must examine how they really feel about each other, and how far they are truly willing to go. Is this the life they want? Used to offering up their bodies without protest to the mercurial whims of others while fiercely guarding their hearts, the true meaning of love and consent...

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About Hunting Artemis

HuntingArtemis_CvrSMALL I have a longstanding fantasy that I call "the bridge." It's about being the conduit between two lovers who can't touch each other, serving them both by ferrying their caresses from one to the other. [...] Read more →

About Arena Breed


I wanted to write a real Roman decadence story, and so the pair of fighters are coerced into being “guests” of Gratianus and Paula, a cruel aristocratic couple. [...] Read more →

About Touched by Fire


Aside from the fact that I was researching for erotic writing, that lit up my interests like nobody’s business. Things so forbidden that they had their own umbrella term. [...] Read more →

About Scylla’s Pool

ScyllasPool_CvrSMALL Instead of retelling the old gods in new, more modern places or with eroticism tossed in wherever the author feels like it, I search high and low for those stories which were originally erotic. [...] Read more →

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