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The Keys to Romance

Cover for The Keys to RomanceLove Stories by Julian Keys

The art of romance is that of a locksmith, carefully crafting the perfect key that will fill the unique hole in each individual’s heart, opening them to a world of intimacy that fills the imagination and speeds the pulse. A tightly closed opening unfolds itself at the touch of the right shaft. Secret feelings are locked deep within, just waiting to be released. Revealed here are some of life’s most treasured moments, crafted into stories of men and women finding themselves - and each other - in love.

In this volume, award-winning author Julian Keys gives us seven love stories where sharing is caring, truth is daring, and a one night stand might last forever. Witness the evolution of the human heart, students on the market for romance, lovers cooking up something special, and a beautiful photographer realizing his big dreams. Take up the Keys to Romance, and unlock worlds of love.

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Heat, Steam, and the Vital Machine

Cover for Heat, Steam, and the Vital Machineby Alex Douglas

James spends his days guarding the Machine at the heart of the complex, the device that supports all life in the underground complex. He spends his nights mostly alone in his cramped sleeping cubicle. When he catches one of the mysterious saboteurs who repeatedly attack the Machine, he succumbs to the man’s intimate offer, and forsakes duty for human touch.

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Alicia Wag: Alicia here, looking forward to chatting!
Maria Thompson: Maria here, looking forward to talking about You Complicate Me :)
D.M. Atkins: If you're staff, go to the staff chat room for both. Each are available in the drop down on Community.
D.M. Atkins: If you're here for the chat with author Alicia Wage, find us at:
Anonymous2481: I'm brand new to this site. I love writing TABBOO twisted short stories though
D.M. Atkins: Welcome
Harold: Good evening 2552 and 2559
Harold: I guess it's morning here on the west coast
Harold: I'm sorry 2481 is not here
Harold: I want to write some erotic stories - based on real life experiences
D.M. Atkins: FYI folks: If you log in first, the chat will show your user name when you post.
Anonymous4568: Hi there
Anonymous4568: I am working on an erotica right now.
D.M. Atkins: For those joining us for today's author chat with Konrad Hartmann, make sure to go to the Release Party page at:
D.M. Atkins: For those joining us for today's author chat with Konrad Hartmann, make sure to go to the Release Party page at:
Anonymous8908: I have a question
Anonymous8908: I'm a writer of erotic fiction. Would this be the place to try to submit my works?
D.M. Atkins: a8908: You kind find out what we look for and how to submit work at:
Anonymous13558: Hi
Anonymous13558: Anybody talking erotic stories
Anonymous13558: Apparently not :-) oh well
D.M. Atkins: Setting up for the chat on Thursday and more giveaways in Dec.
D.M. Atkins: Setting up for today's online author chat with Lynn Kelling. This Release Party will celebrate the release of her latest novel, Bare! We expect to be chatting 5-7 PST, or 8-10 EST.
D.M. Atkins: If you are here for the chat, make sure you go to the Release Party page, under Community
Anonymous26934: Is it bad I found the sex scenes with Drew hot?
Anonymous29613: Hi
Anonymous29734: I was just looking for a chatroom for autors.. And the only open one was this one.
Anonymous30171: Hi peeps
Anonymous30171: Preparing a manuscript for submission. Wish me luck!
Anonymous30171: Hola!
Anonymous33217: Hello, I am an erotic novels author
D.M. Atkins: The author chat is a monthly event with each novel and/or anthology we release. There is a private chat room for authors signed with us as well, but one has to a member an logged in for those chats and member forums.
TC180: Hi people
TC180: Hi tabby
Anonymous37629: hi
D.M. Atkins: Authors here for Release Party chat, please head directly to the Author and Staff chat page. Readers, please go to the Release Party page.
R.W. Whitefield: Is this the author and staff chat or am I off base entirely?
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Anonymous39019: Hi, will you guys help me with a story? i am blanking on ideas for a scene
Anonymous39019: There are 4 kid leaders, and a group of kids. Two of the leaders know how to sword fight and I want them to use that. The other two are pretty smart, and there are bunch of kids.One of the leaders used to live there, but when she was a baby so I don t know if that will help. I need a fight, because I have a character that has to die.

I want ideas for how they will get in and how the fight starts and just kind of a plan for them to get in. It should end with them and the ruler/king in a discussion. It would be cool if they ended up tied up maybe but the plan isn't over! I don't know, I'm having writers block.Thank you all!
AOBibliophile: Hi! I can't seem to find the link to my ebook library
AOBibliophile: Where can I download the ebooks I purchased? Please help! Thanks!
spanky96: I would like to try free book but I cannot figure it out what time zone are you? I am CET. And also for how long (hours) is book available when you say 5:09am free? Thank you for your kind assitance.
AlyasSmyth: just signing-up for today.
prokofiev19: larry townsend
Anonymous43531: This place is awesome!
D.M. Atkins: We are in California, so Pacific Standard Time. Any questions about sales should go through the Contact Us function.
D.M. Atkins: AOBibliophile - This site is for serialization and chat, the purchased ebooks are on our other site:
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5:09 am FREE – His Whipping Boy
FREE – His Whipping Boy
Feb 24 @ 5:09 am
FREE - His Whipping Boy
by J.A. JakenCedric de Breos was an average son from an average farmer’s family before he was chosen—by royal decree—to befriend Alain Tomolia, the solemn and enigmatic crown prince of Dunn. As Cedric dutifully pursues their strange friendship, he begins to suspect that Alain is haunted by a dark secret, one which has its roots sunk deep in the crown prince’s past. Cedric’s situation is complicated by the gradual realization that his intended purpose is not only to serve as companion to the crown prince but also as his surrogate in the whipping yard, taking the punishment for Alain’s misdeeds. Will Cedric find a way to come to terms with the resentment, pity, curiosity, and reluctant attraction he feels toward the crown prince, or will...
12:00 am FREE – Icarus Bleeds
FREE – Icarus Bleeds
Feb 25 @ 12:00 am
FREE - Icarus Bleeds
by Annabeth LeongIcarus, a man on the run, dreams of wings, and of taking flight like the surgically modified rich and famous of Central City. The hacker who harbors him will do anything to keep him, including paying for the dangerous operation in a back alley chop shop. Neither can imagine how much the wings will truly cost. (M/M)
5:43 am FREE – Wishes in Her Eyes
FREE – Wishes in Her Eyes
Feb 26 @ 5:43 am
FREE - Wishes in Her Eyes
by D.L. UhlrichFor Harper, forty is not so fabulous. Sure she’s got a great friend and a good life in a big city, but being single and slightly plus-sized are downers to her day. At least she gets to spend her working hours staring at gorgeous Stone Masterson, the man of her dreams. Will a chance encounter make them more than co-workers? (F/M)
12:00 am FREE – Inherent Gifts
FREE – Inherent Gifts
Feb 27 @ 12:00 am – 12:00 am
FREE - Inherent Gifts
by Alicia CameronLife was never the same again after The Fall, especially for those born with certain gifts that set them apart from others. Gifts that doomed those like Wren to a life of slavery with no hope of escape or turned a man like Jere into an unwilling master. When a fiery tragedy brings Jere into Wren’s life it becomes clear that this new master is like nobody else Wren has ever known. How does a slave protect himself from someone unpredictable? Can love really exist between master and slave, or will it destroy them both? (M/M)
12:01 am FREE – My Brother’s Lover
FREE – My Brother’s Lover
Feb 27 @ 12:01 am
FREE - My Brother's Lover
by Lynn KellingGrowing up gay in a small town with no mother, Evan Savage learned the hard way to cherish his secrets above all else. Now he’s 18, not even his father can hurt him anymore. When his long-lost twin brother Brennan shows up out of nowhere looking for a new home, Evan’s world, and his very identity, comes crashing down around him all over again. (M/M+)

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