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Double Heat

Cover for Double Heatby Lynn Kelling

When Evan and Brennan moved in with their boyfriends, Alek and Luka, they knew things would be complicated, but as their privacy gets eroded, and people around them begin to notice the tangled nature of the four-way relationship, coping becomes a struggle. After Brennan leaves on a brief trip home, and Evan remains behind to enjoy the full attention of both Alek and Luka, the careful balance of things gets thrown off.

Ex-boyfriends surface, haunting Evan and Brennan in similar ways as regret for poor choices threatens their happiness, and the sexual freedom displayed earlier in their lives draws predators willing to use violence, coercion, mind-games and force to take what they want. Though Luka and Alek struggle to protect those they love, it soon becomes clear that the dangers surrounding them will find ways to rush in, trying to take what belongs to them.

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Bethel’s Brothel

Cover Placeholder MEDIUMby Alicia Cameron

Before Sascha had the good fortune of finding a master who cared for him, he was a lowly brothel whore. Neither good looks nor intellect could help him in this harsh world of sadistic clients, cruel peers, and Mistress Bethel—owner of Bethel’s Brothel. When he is forced to confront this history, he does so in the only way he knows how.

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New Release – The Nemesis Bird b...
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Author and Staff Blogs

Exchange Of Heart

Cover for Exchange of Heartby Julian Keys

Now this is one of my oddest stories. It came about when a fan of mine asked me to write another Romeo and Juliet tale, this time with full-on, "warring houses." I had no objection to the idea, but most of the cultural/religious differences that would create such a forbidden romance were of no interest to me. What else was there?

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Getting Down to the Bone

Story Cover for Down to the Boneby Julian Keys

This story started with a tattoo. That is, long before I decided to write this tale, I'd seen the tattoo that would be the inspiration behind it. It was at a casual gathering and on the shoulder of this one young gentleman was the tattoo of a fish. Not just any fish. It was a Panderichthys. Read more →

Covert Passion on Reading Alley

Cover for Covert Passionby Ann Ruby
5 Star Review!

Complex and damaged characters put into tragic and difficult situations are masterfully balanced by sensitive and beautiful writing and combine to create a masterpiece that somehow manages to pull an HFN out of the hat. WOW! An incredible read! Read more →

Latest Free Erotica

Call It Even – Excerpt

Cover Placeholder MEDIUMby Alicia Cameron

Cash and Sascha explore the wonderful world of roleplaying—that is, until their sexual adventures hit a little too close to home. Resolving the damages that they have done to each other in the past will take a little time and a lot of passion.

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Till Dawn – Excerpt

Cover for Till Dawnby Julian Keys

"Want to go on a date?" Those were the words that tumbled out of Cal when he saw the young lady on the bridge. The one about to throw herself into rushing river below. It was the strangest thing he'd ever uttered and not just because it was so wildly inappropriate. A victim of chronic shyness, Cal found it impossible to talk to women, let alone date them. The black-haired beauty on the bridge, however, brought something out of him he didn't even know existed: an intense need to share himself, all of himself, with someone.

"Want to go on a date?"

What followed was a typical date that was anything but typical. During it, two closed souls, one secretive, one introverted, would find in each other what they never imagined they'd find in this life. There was one stipulation to the date, however: come morning it would be over. Meaning Cal had till dawn to change her mind. Could he give her enough of himself to do that? (F/M)

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Man-Dogs of Arriden – Excerpt

Cover for Man Dogs of Arridenby Fyn Alexander

Master Cain is an intergalactic bounty hunter who is regularly employed by the king of Arriden to find his regularly runaway son. To assist him, Cain buys a man-dog called Star. But Star turns out to be a eunuch from Earth with fantasies of being a man-dog. Together they set out into the desert to find the prince, capture him, and return him to the capital, Tamzen City. However, the desert holds surprises and threats neither man nor man-dog could have imagined. (M/M)

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The Nemesis Bird – Excerpt

Cover Placeholder MEDIUMby Slave Nano

One day the cruel, vain Caliph of Ishfahan spies a magical bird in a courtyard garden. He summons Sofia, one of his servant girls, to go there with a gilded cage and capture the bird for him. But when she sees the wondrous bird she tells her to fly away to safety. The Caliph is enraged and orders Sofia to be put into an iron cage, and for his imperial guard to abuse her for forty days and forty nights. But what will befall when her forty day ordeal is complete and she is summoned to the Caliph to be executed?

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